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drawing of bird


I take words as if they are stranded insect wings
and unite them with their bodies again
through the magic of feeling
so that they can take flight again 
on the wind of my passion
each word is an empty vessel
but with the mysticism of emotion
we can make them come alive 
and be vital and thick to us like blood
yet exquisitely transparent to all
like a skylight
abstract monster art


Monsters hide behind the doors behind every door I walk into
I’m confused, did they summon me?
or did I explore enough to stumble upon them
eleven hospitalizations down the haunted road 
of my mental health
abstract art in blue tones


Sadness is a nice emotion to be around a lot of the time
It gives you a taste for meaning and maps to see the ocean
but sometimes
in a stranded, lonely second
it can turn into depression
you then feel like you’re stuck in a mind that plays shadow tricks 
to make the negativity grow bigger and more severe
you then feel like you’re stuck with a heart 
that attracts disaster like an open mine
photo of bee on daisy flower


In the winter 
I can feel the weight of what’s keeping the flowers from blooming again
in the summer 
I can feel the intensity of life 
because it passes all around in colourful pleats of bicycles and towels
and flowers they are so open and full they are vulnerable
there is heaviness in every extreme
abstract figure in blue tones


I feel like I’m trapped inside my own mind games
a picture of chaos lays stagnant
buzzing in my head 
then the soft bristles of peace 
wipe the picture clean and dry
thorough as a cat’s tongue
only to return after the mania invites itself back in like solicitor
tall, hungry, bold, a magnetic and charismatic figure who 
when all is said and done, only leads to feeling 
like a mass power outage has occurred in my feelings
image of family walking in woods

Inner Child

My inner child needs constant rearing and guidance
when I cry it’s because I’m in close contact with her 
when I tell people exactly how I feel
it’s her doing the talking
I’m sorry, I thought you were the one 
who would protect her and nourish her 
when actually 
the most skillful thing I could have done
is try to learn from my inner child myself 
what is hurting her at the moment that I can change?
what can I do to protect her myself? 
but thank you for teaching me that I never cut her out of my head 
or soul 
and trust me
she doesn’t regret a word to you that she said that was positive
close up of girl's face

Bucket List

I don’t want the end of my days to come 
without dancing with someone I love 
under the incubation of the sun 
in a rippling field of green 
to a tune the world knows the lyrics to 
a testament to us all being connected  
and I don’t want the end of my days to come 
without making a friend who I can laugh with 
until I shed tears like a tree sheds acorns
and camp in the living room with
but alas I have tall orders for my bucket list.